Excited to be up and on as I was on my way to Ocean Walker Academy. Not just for a swim in the lake today but to experience the Yoga meditation session. Outdoors, on the hillside over looking the lake and woodland. The sun was shining the crystal lake was glistening.

Sam was so lovely. Her welcoming smile, her ambience and aura shone out, you just couldn’t help but relax and relax into your surroundings and the Yoga session. The setting on the hillside was perfect, you were away enough to not hear the people entering the lake but near enough to hear the water.

Sam’s Yoga session was relaxing and completely zenned you out. At one point, fully laid out, cocooned in the grasses, listening to the birds and the water, I literally couldn’t have been anywhere better. I fully recommend this experience from a total beginner like me or if you go to yoga already.

Then all zenned and relaxed we were handed over to the lifeguard Ryan. To enjoy our lake swim. We got a big hello and welcomed us. Did the safety brief. Explained the lake and where to go etc and in we went. On exiting, Ryan asked me how it was and did I enjoy it. What a great, friendly young man.

Wooden changing rooms in keeping with the surroundings. Cup of coffee and homemade flapjack sat by the lake to finish off my Sunday morning. Practically Perfect in Everyway. Thank you OWA Team