What to expect on your first visit?

You will receive a warm welcome at The Ocean Walker Academy Reception desk before being directed to our beautiful lakeside cabin, the home of Crystal Lake View Wellbeing and Holistic Therapies. Before your treatment begins you will receive a consultation and your chosen therapy will be explained along with any requirements to remove clothing. If your treatment requires you to remove clothing you will change in privacy then relax on our heated therapy couch underneath soft towels before the therapist re-enters the room. Our cabin has curtains for your privacy however depending on the treatment(s) you are having you can choose to have the curtains open and gaze out over the lake and woodland if you wish. Following your treatment aftercare advice will be given along with any recommendations of products and services that may be of benefit for you.

What should I expect during the massage?

Every client is different, which is why I enjoy it so much. If you would like some music, I can arrange that - just ask. Some clients like to talk during massage, some don't so I will just let you lead the way. If you would like more or less pressure on certain areas, feedback is always great and never worry about speaking up, I won't get offended! Keep in mind however that it's a myth that massage therapy has to hurt to be effective.

What should I wear for my massage?

For a full body massage please wear underwear on your lower body eg knickers, boxershorts or dry swimwear that can be rolled to easily to access the lower back and thighs and remove all other clothing. If you would prefer to keep your bra on too that’s absolutely fine. You will change in privacy and receive instruction on how to cover yourself on our massage bed before your treatment begins. You will be draped in towels and a blanket during your treatment with only the area being massaged at the time being exposed.

For a back massage you will be asked to remove all clothing from the top half of your body (you may keep your bra on if you wish). I also recommend going down to underwear on the bottom half of the body for comfort however if you wish to you keep on your trousers that is fine too.

Are any of your treatments suitable for Vegans?

Almost all of our treatments are Vegan friendly! 

We use Gel Bottle and Peacci for Manicures and Pedicures which are completely Vegan and Cruelty Free as are all of our massages and body treatments. 

We use Sienna X wax for face and body waxing which is Vegan and Cruelty free. The hot waxed used for intimate waxing is also cruelty free however it does contain beeswax. Because only the more expensive, refined variety of white beeswax is used in our wax blends we can be confident of its origins. Our tints also contain beeswax.

Eve Taylor is a Cruelty Free, UK, aromatherapy skin care brand we use for facials, the majority of their range is Vegan friendly with only 9 of their products contains beeswax, honey or chitosan. We can make sure during your facial only Vegan friendly products are used.

Are there circumstances where a massage would not be a good idea?

Recent injury, illness and certain medical conditions are just some of the reasons why a massage might not be wise and this will be discussed at the consultation. Please note that it is not possible to cover all prohibitive conditions with each client. If you are aware of any conditions that might contraindicate a massage, it is the client's responsibility to bring these to the attention of the massage therapist before the session is conducted.

Is there anything you should do before receiving a massage?

If you have swam before your treatment please rinse off thoroughly and dry your skin well, damp hair is fine. It is recommended not to eat anything too heavy within an hour of your appointment but please do not come hungry. It is best to bring comfortable clothing to wear after your treatment that you don’t mind coming into contact with oils that may remain on your skin post treatment.

If I enjoy my massage, can I extend the session?

Subject to availability on the day this may be possible.

How do I pay for my treatment?

Payment is taken in full at the point of booking your appointment online with us.

What if i have to cancel my appointment?

You can cancel your appointment with upto 72hrs notice of the appointment date and a refund will be made less any payment processing fees (from the card payment processor usually around 1.75% but can vary). We recommend where possible to move your appointment rather than cancelling. You can cancel your appointment yourself by clicking on the cancel button at the bottom of your booking confirmation email.

Any other questions?

Please just ask, you are welcome to contact us via telephone, email or in person.


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