Having never been paddle boarding before, I thought it wise to book a lesson and decided to go Kayaking first to see what the facilities offered. I first learnt to kayak some 50 years ago, but not done a lot in recent years, so knew I could manage that. With the hot summer we have had I felt the water would probably be warm enough, as I do not possess a wet suit. It was a warm sunny day and I chatted with a lady who was having her very first paddle boarding session and was only wearing a swim suit, she was getting on very well. The lake is lovely and clean and surrounded by neat grass slopes, dotted with benches and tables where you can enjoy a coffee and delicious cake in beautiful surroundings. I immediately enrolled on the next SUP course. Our group of ten was led by Sam, our friendly instructor she made us all feel safe and at ease as she explained everything before entering the water. We all managed to progress from kneeling to standing during the session and were able to manoeuvre around, I fell in more than others but it was a friendly group so we all had a good laugh and with her encouragement and one to one advice were able to get back on our boards. Infact she ensured anyone who hadn’t already fallen in had a go at doing so, to practice getting back on in deeper water. Thank you for both enjoyable sessions, I will be back