Had a body scrub and facial with Sam as a birthday, holiday treat. The treatment room is lush and relaxing, Sam has put so much thought into the whole treatment room and the garden, bringing the lavender into the cabin. As soon as you walk in, it just feels naturally soothing and relaxing AND the bed is heated! Divine!

Sam is wonderful. She radiates calmness, kindness and she makes you just feel so relaxed and comfortable.. I was very body conscious to have my first body scrub. But there was no need. I explained my apprehension but really wanted a body scrub. Sam was lovely. So reassuring. I’m so glad I did, my body and skin feels truly amazing, moisturised and soft.

Now the facial…where do I begin? I’ve has many a facial but this was by far the best. 5 Star treatment. The products are luxurious. My skin feels amazing. Sam just knew certain stress points on my face and I literally felt the worry being drawn out. If you have had that feeling of pure wellbeing when you walk into Crystal Lake, well you will also get that sense of wellbeing with Sam. I highly, highly reccomend Sam and her treatments. You will float out of the treatment cabin. I did. Thank you Sam. Can’t wait to get myself booked in again. 5 Star 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟