Calcite and Septarian Crystals at CLV

Did you know we use crystals found here at the crystal lake for treatments and classes?!

What is crystal healing?

Crystal healing is the therapeutic use of crystals to help restore balance and wellbeing to our mind, body and spirit. During a treatment crystals may be placed on or around the body as you layback and relax. Crystals can also be used alongside other healing modalities such as reiki or massage for increased benefits. You may feel warmth, coolness, tingling or a feeling of energy in the area where the crystal is placed. Following your treatment you could experience deep relaxation, feeling uplifted, mental clarity, a sensation of being grounded and balanced and even gentle transformation.

How does it work?

Just like us crystals vibrate with energy and when they are used in healing they help to balance the energies in the body, supporting physical, emotional and mental healing.

Did you know quartz crystals are used in technology such as radios and watches as it has the unique ability to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, this is known as the piezoelectric effect. Quartz has a super stable, high frequency vibration that enables watches to keep time precisely and it is this energetic vibration that can support us too.

Different crystals have different vibrational frequencies and therefore have different effects and uses. There is a crystal for everybody! Whether you are looking for more self care and self love, a boost of energy, joy and creativity or to clear your mind and assist meditation ….there’s a crystal for it.

Amazingly there’s evidence of crystals being used in amulets and talismans as far back as 25,000 years ago! The subtle, yet powerful effects of crystals have been revered throughout our history as humanity and in our fast paced world of today crystals offer a nurturing connection to nature that is accessible to all.

Our treatments and sessions…..

Crystal healing and Reiki

Blending the benefits of energy healing from traditional Japanese Reiki with the natural, energetic properties of crystals for a harmonising and relaxing experience. The treatment is made completely bespoke to you, taking into account your current state of wellbeing and your intentions or goals as well as using the intuition of the therapist. A range of responsibly sourced crystals as well as our own crystals found here at the crystal lake may be used during your treatment.

One to one and private guided meditation and crystal healing

This unique session blends guided meditation and breathwork with gentle support and therapeutic healing from crystals found here at the crystal lake on either a one to one basis or for small private groups.

Group guided meditation and crystal healing

We hold regular group events utilising our crystals found here at the crystal lake alongside breathwork and guided meditation for a unique and relaxing experience.

What makes our treatments and sessions truly unique is we use our own crystals found here at The Crystal Lake!!!

Our Crystals……..

The crystals were discovered here in 2020 during the excavation of the lake but they were actually formed over millennia!

Millions of years ago Crystal Lake was once part of an Ocean, we can tell this as during the excavation ammonites and belemnites were found which are fossilised Jurassic squid and molluscs. Most ammonites died out about the same time as non-avian dinosaurs around 66 million years ago!

It is in this ancient sea bed that the crystals were also found. The whole area glittered with their formations!

What was found were Calcite and Septarian crystal alongside many other varieties which have yet to be formally identified. It is the Calcite and Septarian crystals found here that we use in our guided meditations with crystal healing and in our Reiki and crystal healing treatments making it a very unique experience. Enjoying the beautiful energy of the natural crystals just meters away from where they were discovered!

What are their properties?


Calcite gives a fresh burst of energy, helping you to clear out anything no longer serving you and move forward with a spring in your step. It helps to clear all the energy channels of the body giving you an energetic cleanse. Upping your motivation, energetically clearing and healing all while infusing you with joy Calcite is a beautiful crystal to work with.


Septarian Crystal is also known as dragons stone as it can look like a dragons egg! Septarian contains a mixture of calcite and aragonite crystals and limestone rock and is beautiful to look at. This crystal connects you to mother earth and her nurturing, protective energy, offering support for self healing and growth. It also symbolises wholeness and unity and this is why it is an excellent choice to use during meditation…connecting you to your higher self so you may look within all while being cocooned by the crystals protective, nurturing energy.